SABIC® Automotive Trucircle™ compounds contain recycled material content on absolutely comparable performance

The materials SABIC®PPcompound T5E-15T1020 (50% PCR/ PIR), T2E-3320EH and T2E-19T1040 (both with 25% PCR/ PIR) are part of SABIC's TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio.
Due to their excellent performance and good thermal stabilisation, these grades are suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications for interior components.
The high flow properties are beneficial for an efficient processing.
For SABIC®PPcompounds TRUCIRCLE™ either PCR (Post Consumer Resin) or PIR (Post Industrial Resin) grades are used. This is also mentioned in the IMDS database. The respective IMDS number is listed on the data sheets.
The product portfolio is constantly being expanded so that new types are added contemporarily.
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SABIC® introduces new PP flame retardant grades for injection moulding

The new flame retardant PP grades SABIC® PPc H1015, H1025, H1030 (GF-reinforced), STAMAX™ 30YH515, 30YH530, 30YH570 and PPc H1200 (non-reinforced) are high flow, UL94-V0 polypropylene materials specially developed for the E&E sector and the automotive industry (e-mobility) by SABIC®.
The flame retardant is halogen-free and therefore complies with current requirements.
The grades have high mechanical performance combined with easy processing characteristics and good flame retardant properties.
All materials are listed in UL94 and of course have a so-called Yellow Card (PPC H1200 in process).
Excerpt type overview:

Material Composition Yellow Card available
SABIC® PPc H1015 PP Compound 15% GF UL94 V0, 3,0 mm
SABIC® PPc H1025 PP Compound 25% GF UL94 V0, 1,5 mm
SABIC® PPc H1030 PP Compound 30% GF UL94 V0, 1,5 mm
STAMAX™ 30YH515 PP Compound 30% GF UL94 V0, 1,5 mm
STAMAX™ 30YH530 PP Compound 30% GF UL94 V0, 3,0 mm
STAMAX™ 30YH570 PP Compound 30% GF UL94 V0, 1,5 mm
SABIC® PPc H1200 PP Compound without GF in process
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SABIC® introduces new PP foam grades for injection moulding

The new mineral-reinforced foam grades SABIC® PPc F9005, PPc F9007 and PPc F9015 provide superior aesthetics for visible automotive interior parts with complex geometries, such as door panels, seat- and boot panels, A/B/C/D pillar covers and centre consoles.
Unlike conventional FIM materials, which typically have surface imperfections, the new advanced PP compounds feature a constantly high surface quality similar to solid injection-moulded parts.
Compared to solid components, parts made from SABIC PP foam compounds offer significant weight savings which can help to reduce emissions. According to a life cycle assessment study, these advanced new materials can help reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions up to 15 percent.
Until now, the FIM process was essentially limited to non-visible parts, which limited its application possibilities for automotive components.
SABIC's PP compounds for foamed interior parts deliver low-gloss, textured (grained) surfaces with constantly high quality, including the elimination of streaks and swirls. The talc filler in these grades acts as a nucleator, promoting the formation of finer bubbles that contribute to an even surface appearance.

Source: SABIC Press Release, 07.07.2022
Front (left) and back (right) of an inner tailgate trim panel foamed with SABIC® PPc F9007.
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New Piolen® Soft PP-GF Compound Family

Piolen® Soft is a new polypropylene glass fiber compound (Soft PP-GF) with a high quality soft surface in combination with very good mechanical properties. In many applications, TPEs are too soft, so that you can only achieve the desired surface qualities with complex material combinations, such as 2K-molding or coatings. With Piolen® Soft injection molding parts with a soft and demanding surface appearance can be produced in just one processing step.

This can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and simplifies procedures internally and externally. Piolen® Soft Compounds are available in various modifications. In addition to different filling contents of the glass fiber from 15 up to 30% for the variation of the mechanical properties, we also offer grades with different hardnesses/surface qualities. Even for smaller quantities, customized recipes are easily possible due to our production technology. 

Typical applications are covers in the car and truck sector. But also inserts in furniture articles (chair parts), household articles (knife handles) and leisure/recreation or gardening articles (handles of lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, etc.) are possible. Please contact us.